The Hushpuppies

For more than a decade, the Durham- and Greensboro-based Hushpuppies, named for the fried Southern food, have established themselves as one of the most prominent old-time string bands in the Piedmont region. Drawing on classic source material by the likes of early-20th-century string band legends Ernest V. Stoneman, Eck Dunford, and Fields Ward, the group has succeeded in paying homage to their inspirations while crafting a dynamic sound that is uniquely their own.

The Hushpuppies were formed in 1996 by Amy Davis, Molly Stouten, Steve Terrill, and Jon Newlin. Far from being newcomers to old-time music, the quartet's members were all deeply immersed in traditional musical forms prior to forming the group, having learned from elderly musicians and vintage recordings for years. Outside of playing with the Hushpuppies, the individual members also advocate for traditional culture and music. For example, Davis has conducted extensive fieldwork throughout Kentucky and North Carolina (where she contributed to the Blue Ridge Heritage Initiative). Terrill runs Old 97 Wrecords, home to groups such as the Red State Ramblers and the Carolina Jug Stompers, and is the longtime Art Director of the Old-Time Herald, a magazine about traditional string band music..

In recent years, the Hushpuppies have performed at MerleFest, the North Carolina Museum of History, the Festival for the Eno in Durham, and City Stage in Greensboro. The group has also been featured on the esteemed Merry-Go-Round program on WPAQ, a live radio broadcast in Mount Airy. According to traditional music organizer and advocate Art Menius, "The Hushpuppies' superior vocals distinguish them beyond the excellent taste in both playing and choice of material that great old-time music demands."

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