About PineCone



PineCone believes that roots matter. And in North Carolina, our roots run deep in the tradition of making music. 

North Carolina is home to some of the finest singers, songwriters, musicians, and luthiers in the world. Ballad singing, blues, bluegrass, gospel, and old-time string band music are examples of the folk music traditions passed down through generations that remain prominent in our communities today.

Located in the NC Piedmont, in the capital city of Raleigh, PineCone is the largest, most active presenter of folk music in the state.

PineCone’s Mission • PineCone – the Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, Inc., is dedicated to preserving, presenting, and promoting all forms of traditional music, dance and other folk performing arts. PineCone was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in 1984.

PineCone’s Purpose • The role of PineCone is to increase the visibility of Piedmont music and musicians and to provide public programs and educational resources about the depth and breadth of cultural expression in the region today. PineCone supports the livelihoods of working artists, inspires and connects fans, educates youth and adult audiences, documents traditions, and provides opportunities for musicians to learn from one another. Each of the three elements – preservation, presentation, and promotion – plays an important role in ensuring the continued vitality and viability of traditional arts in North Carolina’s Piedmont.

Programmatic Overview • PineCone offers hundreds of music programs annually, featuring predominately local and regional musicians, plus national and international artists whose music finds connection here. More than 90% of PineCone’s annual programs are offered to the public at no cost.  PineCone’s annual activities include:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Monthly participatory music sessions in bluegrass, Irish, and shape-note music
  • The PineCone Bluegrass Show, a weekly radio show on 94.7FM WQDR (Sundays 6-9pm)
  • Music camps for youth (in partnership with the Town of Cary)
  • Workshops
  • Consultation services for emerging artists
  • Documentary film screenings and discussions
  • Preservation projects
  • Monthly newsletters
  • A staffed office to coordinate PineCone events and to serve as a community resource

PineCone utilizes value added programming—pre-show discussions, workshops, lecture-demonstrations—to increase audience engagement with traditional art forms and highlight the various cultural traditions found throughout the Piedmont region today.

A Wide Audience of Traditional Music Fans • PineCone serves more than 150,000 people annually through our programs in Wake County and beyond, with an additional 4.5 million PineCone Bluegrass Show radio listeners. We endeavor to provide entry points to traditional music for audiences of all backgrounds—we not only present programs to those who already enjoy the state’s traditional musical heritage, but we also offer programs of interest to newcomers and to those who have not been exposed to folk art traditions. PineCone presents music found in a variety of North Carolina’s cultural communities, including blues, bluegrass, country, folk, gospel, jazz, old-time string band, Irish, klezmer, Moravian, Canadian, Native American, Indian, Latin music, and more.

Support PineCone • Membership provides a significant portion of PineCone’s financial support. With more than 1000 members and donors, PineCone is able to develop quality programs and assist other local arts groups to bring traditional performers to the area. You can join PineCone at the Dual Level ($25), the Family Level ($40), the Student or Senior Level ($15), or you can contribute at higher levels such as Contributor and Sponsor Levels. All members are eligible for discounts to all ticketed PineCone events, and all members receive PineCone’s monthly newsletter. Members can also participate in members’ only events, programs, and social activities, and those who donate at higher levels are eligible for additional benefits. Please consider joining PineCone today, and help us keep traditional music flourishing in our communities for future generations to enjoy!