How to be Considered for a PineCone Performance


Please include audio (required) and video samples, biographical information, and press materials. Please note: only artists who fit PineCone's mission of preserving, presenting and promoting traditional folk music, dance and other folk performing arts will be considered. If your music or performance does not match our mission, you will not be considered.

Artists may still submit hard materials directly to PineCone:

PineCone - Piedmont Council of Traditional Music
Programming Committee
PO Box 28534
Raleigh, NC 27611

All materials received will be logged in and will receive preliminary review to assess the artistic quality, authenticity and appropriateness. Qualified submissions will be brought before the programming committee for further consideration. No materials will be returned. Artists will not be contacted unless the organization is interested in pursuing performance possibilities.

PineCone's staff and program committee are composed of people who are trained in music, history and folklore, with many years of experience in organizing and presenting music and arts events, and many are also musicians. Staff members attend other events and festivals, as well as booking conferences and many concerts every year. PineCone staff also consult references and others in the fields of folklife and presenting in seeking musicians and performers.

The Program Committee is chaired by the President of the Board, an old-time music and blues enthusiast who has served on the Board of Directors of the Old-Time Music Group, which produces The Old-Time Herald. Committee membership is open to all PineCone Board members and staff. William Lewis, PineCone's Executive Director, attends statewide, regional, and national booking conferences and showcases. He has a Master's degree in Folklore from UNC-CH and serves as an at-large member of the NCPC Board of Directors.

Every recording and video and every bio sent to PineCone is seen, heard, and carefully considered. Many hundred of hours are invested in this work, and no single person makes the decisions.

In planning each season, PineCone's Program Committee seeks to present outstanding artists of all levels within a broad mix of traditional genres. Artists are selected based upon quality of performance, availability, fee, genre mix within each series, and how the performances relate to PineCone's three-pronged mission of preservation, promotion and presentation. To address the changing ethnic and racial make-up of the Triangle, and of NC as a whole, as well as to help preserve traditional performing arts of cultural groups who call North Carolina home, PineCone aggressively programs artists from many cultural communities. The Program Committee serves a curatorial role, presenting innovative combinations of artists or organizing programming around an artistic theme. Several of these concerts have gone on to become national tours (e.g. O Sister, Where Art Thou? The Women of Bluegrass, Monsters of the Mandolin).

Members of PineCone's Program Committee attend concerts and festivals and consistently listen to new artists. Their wide variety of musical interests and knowledge helps us to program an eclectic season. In addition to recommendations from committee members, program suggestions from PineCone members, audience (actively solicited through surveys), and radio listeners are brought to the committee. If the program is part of a partnership, then all the partners participate in artist selection discussions. Beyond that, there is an attempt to be inclusive in terms of race, ethnicity, and region.

Of course, with less than 30 performing opportunities cannot be fully representative of the vast variety of traditional music that can be found in North Carolina's Piedmont region. But over the years, the organization has presented a wide array of styles from multiple cultures and traditions and will continue to pursue new opportunities in the future.

Finally, any organization that receives applications from hundreds of performing groups each year and selects less than 30 per year is certain to decline several excellent groups. The staff and program committee regret this, and solicit understanding and goodwill from all who choose to involve themselves in this process.

How to Have Your CD Considered for Airplay on the PineCone Bluegrass Radio Show

If you want your bluegrass CD to be considered for airplay, please send your CD and information to:

The Pinecone Bluegrass Show
WQDR 94.7 FM
3012 Highwoods Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

Submissions become property of PineCone and will not be returned.

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