PineCone Bluegrass Jam Session


PineCone currently faciliates three bluegrass jams in the Triangle:

  • Combined Bluegrass/Old Time/Americana Jam at The Speakeasy at Tyler's Taproom in Carrboro, where musicians can meet, share music, and learn about the differences and similarities between these musical styles. Second Monday of each month.
  • Beginners' Bluegrass Jam at Harry's Guitars in Raleigh - facilitated; third Wednesday of each month.
  • PineCone Bluegrass Jam at IMURJ in downtown Raleigh. This jam continues to meet on the fourth Monday of each month.

Sample list of songs frequently played at the PineCone Bluegrass jam

April 2017 marked the beginning of a new chapter for the PineCone Bluegrass Jam - it moved from Trophy Tap & Table (formerly the Busy Bee Cafe) to IMURJ, a new venue and music incubator space in downtown Raleigh. The jam runs from 7 - 10 p.m. Whether you're a first-time jammer or a veteran, you're welcome to learn the tunes and play along, or just listen and observe! However, please note that this is not a learning jam (often referred to as a "slow jam" in bluegrass circles). Nonetheless, it's a great place to meet other musicians who share your enthusaism for bluegrass.

Men and women sit and stand together in a circle on the main level of the Busy Bee Cafe - instruments around the circle include stand-up bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro (resonator guitar), fiddle, and of course, vocals. Also visible are the Busy Bee's bar, photos hanging on the brick wall opposite the bar, and tables where other folks can enjoy their meal while listening to the jam. Hanging lights illuminate the room.

The PineCone Bluegrass Jam has gone through many changes and many incarnations. It began in the Big Boss Tavern, and it then had its home at the Six String Café and Music Hall before that listening room closed down.

After a brief interlude at Rally Point in Cary, the jam found a new home at the Busy Bee, where it has been hosted since 2010. In late 2015, the jam moved from the upstairs section of the Busy Bee, known as The Hive, downstairs to the cafe's main level. In 2017, Busy Bee became Trophy Tap and Table.

The jam's format remains unchanged - it is still gather-round-the-circle style, and anyone from beginners to advanced players are welcome, and listeners, too! 

In 2016, thanks to the efforts of local musician Spencer Mobley and a jam committee, PineCone expanded our jam and session offerings to some new venues, new days, and new formats! PineCone remains committed to providing and promoting informal opportunities for musicians of various skill levels to play together.

In October 2009, David Cauthorn, who had led the jam since its inception in 2006, turned over the reins of leadership to Doug Pratt and David Hedrick, two regular jam participants. Early in 2015, Pratt stepped down as the jam co-host due to health issues, and longtime PineCone volunteer and former Board member Monty Smith stepped in as co-organizer; near the end of 2015, Hedrick stepped down from his role as co-organizer as well, and in the summer of 2016, Monty Smith stepped down as well. Since then, Mobley has been working with a participatory music committee to help PineCone continue to promote and support opportunities for musicians to meet and share music together.  We appreciate the efforts and dedication of ALL of these volunteers who have helped the PineCone Bluegrass Jam continue to thrive over the years!

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